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Chinese energy storage companies are accelerating their capture of overseas markets!

Domestic energy storage market "increase revenue not increase profit" situation inspired more enterprises to "go out" power, from Southeast Asia to India, to Europe and the United States, and even in poor and backward Africa and Central Asia, more and more places to see the figure of China's energy storage enterprises.

From the domestic energy storage structure to analyze, the current energy storage system gross profit as low as 7% is not caused by the short term, but due to the narrow scope of the owner of the power energy storage (concentrated in the "five big and six small", "two"), the economic model is not clear and so on. Power energy storage industry today, the current situation is like the communication energy storage in previous years. Therefore, the energy storage industry as well as industry chain enterprises to achieve better profitability, the sea is the way to go. Overseas energy storage development has two major driving force is incomparable to the domestic, one of which lies in the high price of electricity, and the other lies in the mature profit model.

In fact, because of the strong momentum of the “go outside”, electric vehicles, lithium batteries, solar cells are known as "the new three kinds of foreign trade to the sea."

As the world's largest solar photovoltaic market, China's optical storage products to accelerate the "go out " plan , is playing an important role in filling the energy gap, enhance energy stability and reduce carbon emissions.

But China's optical storage enterprises to enter and occupy Europe and the United States and other mainstream markets, not only need to have excellent product power, but also need to familiarize themselves with the policy of each country, the power market, to establish a different application scenarios based on the energy storage solutions.

For example, the U.S. government has now introduced subsidy policies for energy storage and renewable energy installations, which, overlaid with the gradual maturation of the business model, has provided impetus for the significant growth of the North American energy storage market. According to data from overseas organizations, the installed capacity of the U.S. energy storage market reached 4.8GW in 2022, and is expected to approach 75GW by 2023 to 2027.

2023 energy storage enthusiasm for the sea has been more than ever. According to GG Energy Storage incomplete statistics, Ningde Times, Huawei, BYD, Haichen Energy Storage, Sunny Power, Penghui Energy, Ruipu Lanjun, YWLW too energy, Trina Energy Storage, Kewa Digital Energy, Lanjun New Energy, Kelu Electronics, Xinnengan, Cai Ri Energy, JinkoSolar, Triple Crystal Electric, Huabao, Zhenghao, Topband, Shouhang New Energy, Guruwatts, Hongzheng Energy Storage, LONGi Green Energy and other hundreds of energy storage companies. Intersolar Europe 2023 in Munich, Germany.

At the 2023 North American RE+ exhibition in September, Sunny Power, Ningde Times, BYD, Penghui Energy, Haichen Energy Storage, Ruipu Lanjun, YIWEI Energy Storage, Xinwanda, Trina Energy Storage, Lanjun New Energy, Xinnengan, Kelu Electronics, Kewa Digital Energy, Zhongxin Innovative Hangzhou, Chuneng New Energy, Yijiatong, Pai Neng Science and Technology, Shangneng Electric, Caiergy Energy, Atex, Dongfang Risheng (Double One Force Energy Storage), GCL Energy Storage Technology JAIST, TONGWEI Group, Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric, Trommel Energy Storage, Cai Ri Energy, Nandu Power, Xing Storage Century, YiShiTe, SanJing Electric, DELAMINHAI, ANK Innovation, Shouhang New Energy, GURIWATER, KOSHIDA, DEIJI, AIRO Energy, Maitian Energy, Precision Control Energy, TIME NEBULANCE, ASTER ENERGY, Dazin New Energy, ShuangDeng Group, WINK Energy Storage, Wisdom Energy, TONGFEI Ltd. and Gaotech Electronics, etc., and signed several large energy storage orders.

These two overseas exhibitions all illustrate the enthusiasm and scale of energy storage overseas. The year 2023 is not only a critical period for China's energy storage to scale up, but also a year for China's energy storage to go overseas.