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Exhibitor Instruction

Exhibitor registration:

Fill in the "Exhibitor Contract" and fax it to the organizing committee, the organizing committee will arrange the booth.

Booth Confirmation:

  Within five working days after the exhibitor has reserved a booth and returned the Exhibitor Contract, 50% of the booth fee will be paid as a deposit, and the booth will be officially confirmed upon payment. The remaining balance will be paid in full by August 13, 2024.

  Other rental fees, advertising fees and other service fees must be paid in full within the specified time. If the payment is overdue, the organizer reserves the right to adjust or cancel the booth, and the exhibitor will be responsible for the consequences.

Booth fee payment account information:

Remittance account name: Zhejiang Donnor International Exhibition Co.

Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Chengxi Sub-branch

Account Number: 1203213019200206549

Remittance please specify: 2024 Wenzhou International Photovoltaic Energy Storage Exhibition

Check-in for the exhibition:

Please report to the Organizing Committee Office of Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 11-12, 2024 from 08:30-17:00 with exhibitors' business cards, exhibitors' contract or notice of arrival, and a copy of the payment list. Only after the financial review and confirmation of full payment of the exhibition fee can you receive the exhibition card and related materials. Raw space booth builders must go to the service hall of Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 11-12, 2024 to pay the special decoration management fee, construction deposit, and apply for the "exhibition construction certificate" before entering the exhibition. If you need to enter the construction site in advance (1-2 days) or work overtime at night, you should apply to the Service Hall of Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center for overtime procedures in advance.

The security department of the exhibition hall will grant entry to the construction and decoration of the booths with the "Exhibition Construction Permit", and the exhibitors will be allowed to set up the exhibits with the "Exhibitor's Permit".

Exhibiting Rules:

Exhibitors are required to ensure that their exhibits fall within the scope of the exhibition. If the exhibits are not related to the exhibition, the organizing committee will revoke their eligibility to participate in the exhibition and the booth fee will not be refunded;

Exhibitors are required to deliver the booth fee in accordance with the specified time in order to guarantee the confirmation of the booth position, otherwise, the previous application will be regarded as invalid and the organizing committee has the right to allocate the booth separately;

Exhibitors are not allowed to withdraw or reduce the size of their booths after submitting and confirming the exhibition contract, and shall pay all the exhibition fees in full;

Charges for electricity/power, gas, water and transportation for special installation are not included in this exhibition fee, please refer to the Exhibitor Service Guide for detailed charges.