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Energy storage technologies and materials: various types of storage batteries, energy storage power supply, supercapacitors, liquid current batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, energy storage power supply, etc.; renewable fuel cells and other technologies, equipment and materials, etc.

Energy storage system: BMS battery management system, energy monitoring and management system, energy internet technology, off-grid household energy storage system, grid-connected energy storage system, lithium UPS system, PCS energy storage inverter, etc.

Energy storage power stations and EPC projects: power management information, monitoring, inspection devices, metering cabinets and components, measuring instruments, sensors, etc.; energy storage power stations and EPC projects, etc.

Photovoltaic material application technology and products: silicon, silicon wafers, glass and other materials; controllers, converters, PV cables, fuses, etc.; junction/welding equipment, laminating equipment, tracking brackets, PV building integration, floating body PV technology and related products.

Wind energy equipment and technology: wind turbines, braking, control, lifting and other ancillary equipment and technology, wind-solar complementary power generation, wind associations and funds, banking and finance, power grid operators, installation services, etc.

Electric vehicle charging and switching and supporting equipment: charging piles, charging stations, charging station distribution equipment, parking lot charging facilities and intelligent monitoring equipment, etc.; electric vehicle storage, charging and switching stations, optical storage and charging integrated solutions, etc.

Renewable energy power generation grid connection, transmission and distribution systems and equipment: grid-connected inverters, ultra-high voltage transmission equipment, high-temperature superconducting equipment, power distribution automation systems and protection devices, digital substations, integrated substation automation, transmission and distribution online monitoring, etc.